Who We Are

Our hearts beat to grow with you in your relationship with God and in the understanding of His word.

Founding Editor and Digital Marketing Director

Arlene TingsonArlene is the author of The World Gypsy: A Map to Panacea. She earned her BA from University of the Philippines and her MBA from Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Arlene started Proverbs 31 Woman with a mission to shepherd young wives and moms through blogging. Through the grace of God and her knowledge in inbound digital marketing, she was able to rapidly grow the site beyond content -equipping other women and building a community of wives after God.

Arlene is a member of Victory Christian Fellowship. She delights in serving her husband, TJ, and her two kids who both give plenty of subject for her discipling and writing. You can follow her on Instagram @arlene.tingson

Titus Woman and Adviser

Gail GoolsbyGail is a lifelong educator including past leadership at the K-12 American school in Kabul, Afghanistan. She is married to a Pastor for 38 years and is drawn to sharing in the lives of those who want to grow and find more satisfaction in their calling with God. As a writer, speaker, counselor and life coach, Gail believes there is encouragement and support in God’s Word to help us all learn to live well. You can reach her through her website, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Ministry Manager

Sarah is a homeschooler of two who, together with her husband, has a desire to minister to the youth. She handled the youth ministry at a local church in their hometown for eight years before her family decided to move to another city. She finds joy and contentment wherever God places them, but her ultimate dream is to move to a farm someday and live the simple life.


Email and Social Media Manager

Proverbs 31 WomanSarah desires to reach hurting people with the truth of the Scriptures through her writing. She is a wife to her sweet husband of almost 4 years, and mommy to her restless one year old boy and pregnant with another baby boy due in Spring, 2017. She just recently obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Biblical Counseling. Sarah delights in her role as daughter of our King, saved from sins by the grace of the Lord, Jesus. Visit her blog at Broken & Contrite Hearts.


Kathryn O'BrienWith twenty years of experience in education, first as an elementary teacher and now a school administrator, Kathryn has a heart for kids. She is the author of five children’s picture books, her latest series out now with Tyndale, and aims to bring little ones (and their moms) closer to Jesus through her writing. Kathryn lives with her husband of twenty-five years in sunny Southern California, where they enjoy hiking, biking and planning  visits with their three grown children. Follow her on Instagram , Facebook and her website.


Jennie ScottJennie is a divorced and remarried mom of two whose life has been far from perfect and completely different from what she planned. What she has found, though, is that God has provided exactly what she needed through it all. He is teaching her to enjoy the journey even when the path is winding and difficult. Jennie is the author of two books, Buried: What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed and Before the Bell: 30 Days of Devotions for Teachers. Follow her blog here.


Abby KellyAbby is a military wife currently enjoying life with her husband and pets in Clarksville, Tennessee. They are expecting their first baby in August. Her passion is exhortation and evangelism through testimony—both by writing about God’s goodness in her own life and helping other authors edit their own. Additionally, she enjoys volunteering in hospitals and nursing homes with her therapy dog, Brave. She is the author of two books, The Predatory Lies of Anorexia: A Survivor’s Story and Beyond Belief: Jesus Saved You, Now What? Follow her blog here.


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