Proverbs 31 Woman

Proverbs 31 Woman’s mission is to bring young wives and moms closer to God and help them discover, through Him, the fruits of virtuous womanhood.

It wasn’t Google. But, it’s God who led you here to unwrap His promise for you.

God is sending you strength for today and refreshing hope for tomorrow. We pray that this place can offer you spiritual energy that will keep you going to fulfill the virtuous role assigned to you in the plan of God.

Discover what our Father is saying to you through our testimonies and through His word. Talk to the Lord about what He has impressed in you. If you resonate with what you’ll read here, you may use it as a prayer-starter. Know that we are praying with you.

Our hearts beat to grow with you in the understanding of His word. It is our hope that the stories you’ll find here will bless you with comfort, hope and encouragement as you draw closer to God and grow in your love for Him.

May God reveal himself to you. May you listen to Him as He speaks to your heart.


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