Bethells Beach | Romantic Getaway

I choose to commit time and energy toward the growth of my marriage. It doesn’t just bless me but every single one in our family. We are not alone in our desire to grow spiritually with our spouse—God himself desires it for us. He will help us as we seek his presence, truth, and love in our marriages.

Bethells Beach is a great spot for tramping at any time of year. The trails here form part of the well-known Hillary Trail covering 75 kilometres of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park.

The drive from central Auckland to Bethells Beach is around 40 km and takes about 45 min. There is a free car park before the beach entrance. From the parking, the sound of the water can easily be overheard.

As we approach the beach, massive black shiny sand and big waves welcomed us. On the right-hand side is Waitakere River mouth, and on the left is a nice cave. The beach is long and more than enough length for everyone to enjoy without interrupting each other.

Deviating today from the rhythms of our regular life helped me and my husband articulate what we need more clearly. Our child-free getaways open up windows for meaningful connection—practically and spiritually—as we get out of the patterns that we rely on during the week.

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