Oakley Creek Falls | Family Day Out

I often worry about what lies ahead. What a gift it is to have this present moment. Enjoying the view of this unnoticed waterfall, every view is beautiful. All it takes is a change of perspective to find the beauty given to us by God in every moment.

Oakley Creek Falls is roughly a 15-minutes’ drive away from Auckland City Centre. The road surface is always sealed. From Auckland City travel west on the SH16, then take Exit 8 and turn into Great North Road (southbound). The Oakley Creek Reserve is on your left.

Oakley Creek runs through the heart of Mt Albert through to Waterview next to Unitec Institute of Technology. Yet, Aucklanders rarely know about the existence of the Oakley Creek Waterfall. It is a well kept secret only known to the local community.

We parked at Alford Street and walked towards Unitec Campus. We accessed the waterfall through the walkway next to the Unitec Residential Village, which is only a 3-minute walk. As we reach the overbridge what crosses Oakley Creek, we just followed the sound of the waterfall and we found it hidden just around the corner — not quite seen from the bridge.

The best time to visit Oakley Creek Falls is after rain, otherwise, it is not much impressive.

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