Hahei, Coromandel | 3-Days Family Itinerary

Each waking day is a chance to be the greatest versions of ourselves. Traveling to to this beautiful place, digging our feet in the sand, watching sunsets, listening to my kids’ laughter, the humming of the birds. The right opportunities are placed in our path by our Father to be we are called to be.

Day 1: Hahei Holiday Resort

Our kids roamed wild around over 16 acres of grounds, there’s plenty of space to spread out. We also have direct access to the beach. The resort is also supposed to be walking distance to Cathedral Cove but not for our kids. If you want a treat for the family, book a Sea View Villa or Beach Front Bach.

The Hahei Village is just 8 minutes walk from the resort, you will find a general store, cafe, gift shop, Library, brewery (The Pour House), Liquor shop and seasonal takeaways.

Day 2: Hot Water Beach

It’s one of the best-known beaches on the Peninsula where you dig your own spa in the sand. It gets extremely busy here, so a successful visit is all about timing. We went two hours before low tide. The water can be very hot in places, so take care, especially with little kids and babies. Our kids loved racing back and forth across the sand between their spa and the cold sea. All the digging’s worked up my husband’s appetite later on!

To dig a hot pool in the sand, you must go within 2 hours either side of the low tide time. There is no walking access to Hot Water Beach from the resort, the clearly sign-posted drove os about 10 mins out the main road from Hahei Village.

Note! that the Hot Water Beach can be very dangerous for swimmers in the surf with rips in common.

Day 3: The Cove Walk

The descent took less than an hour, may be around 30 minutes, returning took a bit longer, around 45 minutes. It’s not an easy stroll, but manageable for our kids. Both our kids did the entire hike without help. Although, my daughter was already cranky tired when we returned to the car.

Day 3: Cathedral Cove

The beach is incredibly family friendly. We sat back and relaxed on the sandy beach as our kids play in the water without the crashing waves of the west coast to worry us. The beach has cliffs on either side that block a lot of the wind, so it truly is a place to soak up the sun with the family — a nice afternoon slow down. Parking lot was full, but people come and go (even before low tide).

Access from the resort is not tide dependent. The walk takes about 1 hour each way, on a good sealed track, with some hills and stairs. From the resort’s beach access points, turn left and walk along the beach past the public carpark, toilets, and beyond the small stream. A set of wooden stairs and green sign marks the start of the track.

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