Climbing My Disappointment Ladder

“Looking away from all that will distract us and focusing our eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of faith.”Hebrews 12:2

In my living room I have a weathered grey ladder leaning against the wall. Years ago, this ladder was used to climb onto an elevated platform. It connected the ordinary to playful adventures and wondrous imagination. This ladder saw many climbers and helped boost children and adults into higher perspectives.

When the play house was taken down, I decided the ladder should come into my home and be re-purposed as a book shelf. For me, it was more than wood and nails. Its beautiful color and soft texture was the result of many weathered storms.

Presently, my most influential books are stacked on its steps. Books that have boosted me to higher perspective and wondrous thought. This morning, as I sip coffee, soaking in the solitude of a quiet morning, I realized how out of place this ladder is. What once would have elevated me to new perspective, now causes me to hit my head on the ceiling.

bay girl clothesDo you ever have days when you feel like the ceiling is too low, the steps are too many and hitting your head is inevitable​?​

​Days when you feel like you’re on a stair climber, climbing to nowhere?

While staring at my leaning ladder . . . feelings of defeat, anger and doubt are as cold as my forgotten coffee still resting on my lap.

The truth is I​’ve made my ladder about me, my goals, my perspective and where I want to be lifted. While I focus on myself, I begin to disappoint and see where others have failed my expectations. If my expectations in another are about meeting my needs, I have unfairly set them up to fail. When our focus is placed on what we’re building, we trap ourselves against the ceiling of self perspective.

In my family, my marriage and my career, when I focus on Jesus being my ladder, He becomes my limitless perspective.

It’s easy to get lost inside me. When I’m lost, I feel anxious, defeated and weary. When I’m found, walking beside our Father, I have peace no matter the terrain I’m climbing. My perspective is always beautiful and wondrous because our Father is pointing out the value and necessity with every step.

Where success is seasonal, stepping with Father’s pace leads me with peace and purpose.

In the rooms of my heart, where pangs of anxiety are replacing His peace; I take time to listen and linger with God. The truth is, my journey isn’t about me or what magnificent ​talent​ I bring to the world–  it’s about Jesus, and the gift He brings through ​me​.​ His love and His perspective is the greatest gift I can offer my family, my marriage and my career.

When I allow God to steer my life, I see my destination. When I keep my perspective on His love, I am never disappointed and my destiny ​is always wondrous and an inspiring climb.

bay girl clothesWhile I pause to linger, I can see my earthy journey isn’t about getting more of me, it’s about giving what God blessed me. Giving encouragement, knowledge and wisdom; sharing the process of pursued dreams with another​, this is the ladder I should climb to obtain my goals.

What is your ladder? The place where you feel the climb is too high and the ceiling is too low?

I promise you the perspective is a peaceful one when we walk with our Father.

Climbing My Disappointment Ladder
Meagan McCrory‘s mission is to bring to light the depth of His love. She is a writer and artist at MeaganView: Words That Inspire. You can read her manifesto here.


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