7 Habits of The Good Wife and Happy Couples

7 Habits of a Highly Chilled Out Wife

“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer— may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.” – Proverbs 5:18-19

Contrary to what you might think, most husbands aren’t wishing for a Martha Stewart wife who’s perfecting every area of her home. We asked 10 husbands and as it turned out, there’s more to the good wife than mastering marriage and parenting.

Despite the odds, and everything, they’re apparently just looking for a female buddy: secure, open minded yet knows how to call them on their mistakes.

You have to do homework to be this kind of chilled out wife. But we’re feeling generous and thought we’d let you in on our focus group’s quintessential laundry list.

You’ll find that the habits and qualities they’re looking for are surprisingly reasonably undemanding. Here they are:

  1. She’s doesn’t get jealous of her husband’s passion, hobby and friends.

    She knows how to enjoy life without her husband.  When her husband throws himself into boring hours of golf or all-boys chill night, she knows it isn’t to neglect family, but to ground himself for his soul’s happiness. She gives him the chance to feel her absence from time to time. Secure wives know that their husband needs confidantes of his own gender who he can, well, be a guy around. She knows that cutting off those men in his life is selfish and unwise, and would only result to a less happy couple and less healthy husband.

  2. She’s no buzz kill.

    Chilled out wives make husbands’ life easier. She burps. She likes sports. She likes video games. And comic books. She even plays beerpong with him, if he’s into that.

    A wife-to-keep knows exactly how to cheer her husband up after a rough day at the office. She doesn’t bomb her husband with her domestic concerns when he walks in the door. Instead, she will hand over his favorite almost-below-zero bottle, says a pizza is on its way, and somehow makes everything seem better.

  3. She can keep her cool in arguments.

    A new study published in the journal Emotion found that both short- and long-term happiness in marriage hinge on the wives, not the husbands, ability to stay calm in the eye of a marital storm.

    It can be really difficult for women to control their emotions. But the good wife knows that outbursts can damage her relationship, so she’s slow to anger. She knows how to regain her composure and can rebound quickly from disputes.

  4. She would rather travel with her husband than shop for shoes.

    The good wife is not materialistic. and knows that the joy in buying bags and shoes will fade over time. She’s wise enough to understand that spending money on experiences with her husband and children is an investment that always appreciates over time.

    She knows the difference between vacation and just a family get-together. She’s likes to rough it with her husband. She’s well aware that travels deliver great memories for happy couples and can keep her husband coming back for more.

  5. She initiates sex.

    An irreplaceable wife is generous to her husband. She understands that her husband needs to be fed, he needs to be appreciated, and he needs to have sex. She can generate her own sexual appetite. She’s even educated herself in this regard.

    She welcomes his desire and she doesn’t make him beg. And once the kids are all in bed, she leaves the dishes in the sink and the floors unswept because she knows those can wait. Off she goes and finds her man and treats him like who he is– her man.

  6. She respects her husband and values his paycheck.

    The good wife never belittles her husband’s job, its importance to him, or his daily work activities. She knows her pride for what he does is important to her man’s self-esteem. She brings out the best in her husband, not tears away at the very heart of his being.

    She offers her husband respect with her words, affection, time, and her gaze. When he comes back from work, she stops what she’s doing, stands up and kisses him: the man she loves just walked in. And she does this no matter how busy she is.

  7. She loves God more than she loves her husband.

    A virtuous wife is thoroughly smitten with God. She believes that it’s only in God that true love, mercy and grace were created and experienced, and only in Him can it be given freely.

    She is fulfilled by her intimate relationship with her Heavenly Father. And she understands that her relationship with God flows through her so she can pour into her husband. She knows that God is holding her marriage in place and that He is the anchor for her love– making her an indispensable, irreplaceable wife.

Well, there you go.   Do you have what it takes?

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